Testing-the-best-stick-vac-vacuum-cleanersBest Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Testing the best stick vac vacuum cleaners

do you need some help cleaning up aroundthe house well you know stick VAX nowcome in all shapes and sizes some areslender while others are a little bitbeefier with larger heads and motorswhatever you buy you want one that getsthe job done and cleans up the beststick backs are handy for light pickingup say at the end of the day or maybe aquick sweep around the house whencompany is dropping by but ConsumerReports found some don't do a good jobthis Electrolux ergo rapido for 220dollars just pushed around a testmixture of Cheerios rice and sand thatElectrolux is also among the worst onthe edge test leaving behind a swath ofsand after two passes the dyson v-6absolute showed how it's done picking upall the sand along the edge the dysonv-6 is lightweight weighing just fivepounds but it has a hefty price tag $600it was excellent at surface cleaning acarpet and picked up embedded pet haireasily the rechargeable battery runs forabout fourteen minutes anotherrecommended vacuum the $230 shark rocketdeluxe pro to pet it has a cord so youdon't have to worry about running out ofpower it weighs about nine pounds and itdoes an excellent job keeping a pet herea light on the sharks deck the lumenEights dirt and dark hard-to-reach spotslike under furniture for far less thoughthe $130 Bissell trilogy super lightalso does a great job sucking up pethair and is quieter than a lot of themachines Consumer Reports tested on barefloors the trilogy is even better atpicking up little bits of debris so someof these new stick backs can be a bighelp around the house but they stilldon't approach the deep cleaning powerof a regular vacuum so don't considerthem a replacementConsumer Reports recommends anothercordless stick vacuum as good as someothers at picking up pet hair but itdelivers 21 minutes of cleaning beforeit needs a recharge you can check ourwebsite right now wxyz.com we've got thenames of all those recommended stickbacks right there on the story on ourhome page 21 minutes

Stick vacs are handy for light picking up at the end of the day or a quick sweep around the house when company is dropping by. Whatever you buy, you want one that gets the job done. Consumer Reports has rated 27 of them.

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3 Thoughts to “Testing the best stick vac vacuum cleaners”

  1. jzizzles

    Dyson last 18 minutes? Yeah the 1st month. 6 month later, the battery goes crap and it’ll give you 10 minutes at best. Dyson is GARBAGE.

  2. Cole Chervanka

    They Recommended a Bissel !!!!!😂

  3. Matt James

    Did they recommend a dirt devil? What a joke!!

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