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Top 10 Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors 2018

[Music]introducing the all-new revolutionaryshark sonic duo the greatest carpet andfloor cleaning system breakthrough indecades it's just so easy to use it canclean my carpet my wood floors and mytile this is revolutionary and it'sgonna change the way everybody clean theproblem with carpets is stuck on dirtit's on the surface and down deep in thefibers making your carpet look feel andsmell old the shark sonic duo removesthe stuck-on dirt that can hold grimeodors and dust allergens before mycarpets were kind of worn down you cantell where people had walked after Iused my sonic duo my carpets look newagain my carpets are way brighter thanthey have been in many yearsthe secret is sonic scrubbing actionthat safely cleans your carpet and rubsat over 1,000 scrubs per minute all withsharks air glide maneuverability so it'sfast and easy first the sonic scrubbingand carpet-cleaning solution breaks upthe surface dirt that causesdiscoloration and staining the carpetpad lifts it up and traps it thenshark's carpet-cleaning solution withrevolutionary trap and remove technologypenetrates deep into the carpet andattaches to the stuck-on dirt as thesolution dries it dehydrates thestuck-on dirt unlocking it from thecarpet fibers so it can be easilyvacuumed away later to promote ahealthier environment it's recommendedto remove this adherent was stuck ondirt every few weeks rather than waitingfor yearand living with it for that year theshark sonic duo will get your carpets150 percent brighter because the sonicduo removes four times more stuck ondirt than vacuuming alonethere has been stains on my carpet foryears and I had no idea how to get ridof them now that I have the shark sonicduo none of the stains have come backthe carpets like new againit's beautiful and look at this easilychange the pad and bottle and in secondsthe shark sonic duo goes right fromcarpets to cleaning all your hard floorsthat's right one amazing product does itall the shark sonic duo deep cleans andrejuvenates all of your wood stone tileand laminate floors making it faster andeasier to have all of your floor'scleaner and brighter than ever with theshark sonic duo you cleaning half thetime with less effort I think it's afive-star product my hardwood floorslook newer and brighter than they havein the yearsand forget about harsh chemicals sharksspecially formulated cleansers arepowerful yet as gentle as hand soapshark is certified by parrot testedparrot approved as safe for yourchildren and pets[Music][Applause][Music][Music]whoever's cleaning your hard floors dothey just simply push the dirty wateraround that's why I use the amazing newHoover FloorMate deluxe it washes anddries all at the turn of a dial it'stwin tanks keep dirty water separatefrom clean water while it's spin scrubbrushes safely scrub my floors includingthe ground leaving them deep down cleanand there's even a separate brush forgently cleaning my delicate wood floorsleaving dirt no place to hide it alsodries incredibly fast just look how muchthe formate deluxe has picked up the newHoover FloorMate deluxe hi I'm Feliciafrom Hoover we've had a few questionsabout how to put together the FloorMatedeluxe and get cleaning so we puttogether a quick video for you afterunboxing your FloorMate deluxe you'llneed to attach the handle like thislocate the screw in the box and use aPhillips head screwdriver to tighten thescrew and anchor everything in placemake sure to remove any packagingmaterial from the brush area in thenozzle before use the FloorMate deluxecomes with two types of brushes onespecifically for tile and grout in asecond for hardwood surfaces if you needto change brushes remove the nozzle bypulling firmly here then push the greenbuttons to free the brush block likethis put the new brush block in placeand press firmly replace the nozzle bysetting the small hooks into their seatsand pushing it back into place are youready to clean so are we first removethe clean water tank and fill to thefill line with warm tap water to makethings easier the cap can be used tomeasure cleaning solution fill the capto the three quarter ounce line withsolution pour into the clean water tankand repeat the steps a second time toget started press the power button tapthe handle release like this set thedial to wash in order to drop thebrushes to the floor next press and holdthe trigger on the handle while pushingthe FloorMate forward to clean to raisethe brushes for drawing turn the diallike this use the clean boost button asneeded to apply extra solution and waterto areas that might need some extra helpMD the dirty water tank is needed whenthe black float rises to the top of thedirty water tank your bare floor shouldlook even better than they would havewith a hands and knees scrub[Music]your kitchen is the center point of yourhome so your hard floors are often fullof life's little messes having a moreefficient and convenient cleaning toolleaves you more time to do the thingsyou love the hard floor expert selectsfrom Bissell is designed to be gentle onyour hard floors but tough on dirt anddebris hard floor expert deluxe featuresa turbine hard floor dusting tooldesigned with soft bristles to safelypick up dirt and find debris hard floorexpert Deluxe maximizes cleaning withpowerful suction but with its nonmarring wheels you can clean withoutscratches scuffs or marks leaving yourfloors looking their best for the moredelicate surfaces in your home hardfloor expert selects is equipped withvariable suction so with the touch ofthe fingertip controls you can quicklyand conveniently adjust your cleaningpower hard floor expert deluxe has beenengineered with the features that matterso you can maximize the cleaning of thehard floors you love in one compacteasily storable unit hard floor expertdeluxe designed with your home in mind[Music]the hard floors in your home see a lotof traffic so you need a vacuumspecifically designed to remove themesses that come with your busy lifethe Bissell hard floor expert combinespowerful cyclonic suction with theunique foot designed to deliver theclean your hard floors deserve theinnovative v-shaped technology is thekey to superior hard floor cleaninglarger dirt and debris are funneled intothe center section path while the endsof the foot capture small fine debrisalong the edges part floor expertslightweight design steers aroundfurniture fixtures and other obstacleswith ease the unique foot design funnelsand removes messes along edges incorners and other hard-to-reach spacesonce you've finished cleaning thebagless dirt bin can be easily removedand empty so you can get back toenjoying your home clean your home'shard floors quickly and effectively thehard floor expert from Bissell[Music]the chart navigator lift-away pro is aversatile vacuum that tackles everythingfrom carpets and hard floors tohard-to-reach areas furniture and placesabove the floor the cleaning pod easilydetaches from the floor nozzle to giveyou a lightweight solution for cleaningwith accessories on stairs and otherareas around your home for a thoroughclean on hard floors use the includeddust away attachment which combinespowerful suction with a microfiber padto pick up fine dust and large debris ontile wood and more[Music][Music]I just leave the vacuum out so I cankeep up with them my cleaning day itshould be every day what I'm saving itfor later with its long-lastinglithium-ion battery the Hoover Linxcordless stick bag helps you keep upwith the messes as they happenwherever they happen and it's the onlycord to stick back with tabs atWindtunnel technology the links towardthe stick back from Hoover so my home isdefinitely designed around my familythat's why I have lots of hard floorsand though I've tried lots of differentcleaners I've even tried scrubbing on myhands and knees they just simply pushthe dirty water around this is theamazing Hoover FloorMate it vacuumswashes and dries all at the turn of adial it's twin tanks keep dirty waterseparate from theme water while it'sspin scrub brushes gently scrub yourfloor's leaving deep down dirt no placeto hide and it dries really fast andjust look how much dirt the FloorMatepicks up I can't believe that was on myfloors the Hoover FloorMate it's theperfect cleaner for my hard floorsBarney I really love it[Music]Dyson v6 vacuums are powered by theDyson digital motor v6 the small lightmotor sits at the heart of the machineit is being developed specifically byDyson to deliver powerful suction themachines core components are locatedaround the hand combined with alightweight aluminium wand it'slightweight and balanced forfloor-to-ceiling cleaningdyson v-6 absolute has a direct-drivecleaner head it has 150 percent morebrush bar power than the dyson v-6vacuum to drive bristles deep intocarpet removing more dirt the hard floorcleaner head removes fine dust anddebris from hard floors a post-motorfilter captures particles as small asnought point three microns ensuring theair expelled is cleaner than the air youbreathe 2-tier radial cyclones generatehigh centrifugal forces flingingparticles of dust and dirt out of theair and into the bin[Music]Dyson v6 vacuums quickly and easilyconvert to a handheld with Dysonengineered tools for all-round cleaningthe docking station stores and chargesthe machine so it's always ready for use[Music]yeah[Music]

Top 10 Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors 2018
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1. Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

2. Hoover Hardwood Floor Cleaner FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes Corded Bare Floor Cleaner FH40010B

3. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010

4. Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Upright Vacuum, Charcoal Gray (HV382)

5. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

6. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A

7. Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum – Corded

8. Hoover Hardwood Floor Cleaner FloorMate Deluxe Corded Bare Floor Cleaner with Foldable Handle FH40165

9. Eureka Mighty Mite Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner, 3670G

10. Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550)

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