You can get a Nerf Dart Vacuum that Cleans Up Darts Super Quick

Nerf gun wars are one of the best things to do around the house. It is so much fun, your kids will spend hours playing. However, when the playtime comes to an end, no one wants to pick up the darts. Now, you don’t have to worry about that! There is a nerf dart vacuum to help you clean up faster and easier!

This nerf dart vacuum is called the Nerf Elite Dart Rover. It is like a toy vacuum, but it will specifically pick up all the nerf darts around the house. No more bending down to pick up each dart individually.

All you have to do is roll this rover over your carpet or hardwood floor, and it will pick up the darts for you. It is designed to hold 100 darts at one time. The back has a mesh bag attached to it that will hold the darts for you while you pick up the rest.

It helps to create a simple and easy cleanup. Simply roll around the vacuum, pick up all the darts, and then easily transfer from the mesh bag to your container. It is so easy, every mom needs this!

It has an adjustable handle, so any kid or adult can easily use this vacuum. The Nerf Elite Dart Rover has no-slip wheels so it can go on any indoor floor. However, it is not designed to work on the grass or any outside area.

With this vacuum, you can even make clean up time a fun activity for your kids. See who can pick up the most the fastest and make it a race.

With the pandemic and social distancing still taking place, nerf gun wars are the perfect game to play this summer. You practice safe social distances all the while still enjoying time with friends and family.

If you are having more nerf gun wars, this nerf dart vacuum will definitely come in handy.

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