Dyson V7 and V11 – Which Dyson Stick Vacuum is Better?


We’ll be taking a gander at two Dyson items at every range – the V7 and V11.

The V7 is presently Dyson’s entrance level choice (alongside the V6) and the most economical choice, while the V11 is their lead elective with the most recent innovation and top of the line power.

I’ve tried these items broadly and will uncover the outcomes in this review.

First, here’s an outline of the Dyson V7 versus V11

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The Dyson V7 and V11 each carry something extraordinary to the table.

With the V7, you’ll get a lightweight and nimble string free stick vacuum that moves effectively around furniture. It’s something you’d need in the event that you live inside a little home as a result of its conservative edge and smooth steering.

The V11 Force Drive offers pull and loads of it. While it needs agility – it compensates for it by being one of the stick vacuums at cleaning floor covering. On the off chance that you need something cordless and adaptable and still fit for cleaning rug – look no farther than this variant.

Except for the Dyson V6, the V7 Motorhead is the lightest Dyson cordless item accessible. It weighs just 5.45 pounds with the expansion cylinder and fundamental spout. One thing I saw utilizing this vacuum is the gentility of the handle.

Arm weakness won’t be quite a bit of an issue due to the little engine and battery. This model is lighter than the V8 and somewhat shorter. Moving it around hard floors or rug will be smooth gratitude to the responsive and light steering.

It turns forcefully, and you can keep away from furniture with insignificant turns.

However, the littler battery implies it won’t run as long as the V7. In tests, it just ran for as long as 32 minutes with the hole apparatus and just shy of 28 minutes with the principle brush.

Please note there are a few V7 choices accessible with fluctuating devices. The one I have is the Motorhead that just has the immediate drive connection, which is magnificent for cleaning carpets.

If you need to profit by the minimized plan of the V7 on hard floors, at that point pick the V7 Fluffy.

The V11 is verification that James Dyson was not kidding when he said they’d center R&D around string free items with the arrival of the Dyson V10.

This model isn’t only an invigorate of the V10, however a total upgrade.

It has more force and runs longer than the Dyson V10, making it an incredible choice for cleaning inserted earth on carpets.

For individuals searching for a stick vacuum equipped for cleaning rugs like an upstanding less the string – the V11 Force Drive is something to consider.

This item was the best of all the string free items I’ve tried for profound cleaning rug with a 114% score.

The realigned dust container empowers it to hold more soil – up to 0.77 liters or 36.92% more than the V7.

If you live in a huge home, the Dyson V11 is the better option due to its range and high earth volume.

Here’s a synopsis of the contrasts between the Dyson V7 and V11.

Airflow: The Dyson V11 has up to 34.23% more wind current than the V7 in the most powerful setting utilizing the principle spout. This distinction will felt most when cleaning floor coverings where the V11 excels.


Dirt volume: The V11 has the bigger earth limit – up to 0.77 liters, while the V7 can just hold up to 0.53 liters.Battery: Dyson put in a bigger limit battery in the V11 – it can run for as long as 74 minutes – more than twofold the V7’s run time.

Power settings: The V7 just has two, while the V11 has three force options.Dynamic load sensor: This element alters pull dependent on a superficial level. On the off chance that there’s more opposition (e.g., cover), it consequently increments airflow.

Next, we’ll take a gander at how these vacuums vary with their interface. The Dyson V7 is a “little” variant of the V8; subsequently, it holds a similar trigger and slide-switch for turning on the engine and flipping between the force modes.

The Dyson V11 still has the trigger, however it gets rid of the slide-switch. In its place is an advanced showcase behind the engine with a solitary catch for exchanging through the three unique settings – low, auto, and max.

It’s completely shaded and dynamic, giving ongoing data about the battery rate, time staying, conceivable mistake codes, and more.

I like that it shows the time remain, so you realize when to charge it.

The V11 screen is just accessible in the Force Drive and the Outsize choices. It won’t be a similar showcase on the more affordable Creature variation that solitary shows symbols rather than dynamic graphics.

Both models have comparable trigger components for starting up the engine. I don’t feel any distinction with regards to responsiveness. Crush the trigger, and the engine fires instantly.

Unfortunately, neither one of the products have a trigger lock, so you’ll need to press it consistently for power.

The V7 has a 2,100 mAh battery with a publicized run season of as long as 30 minutes. Interestingly, the V11 has a bigger limit 3,600 mAh battery with a guaranteed run season of up to 60 minutes.

How long do these vacuums run? I tried it, and the outcomes surpass the claims.

Dyson V11 Review — Torque Drive vs. Animal vs. Outsize

Here are the results.

The V11, in my tests, gone on for as long as 74 minutes with the principle spout. Furthermore, as long as 71 minutes with the hole device. It would be ideal if you note that these outcomes are all in the low setting.

Using the auto setting, the V11 will run for around 18 to 19 minutes. I accept this is the best setting on floor coverings in the event that you need to profound spotless and still spread a conventional measure of space.

Even in the auto setting, the V11 got 99% of inserted sand on carpets.

The V7 doesn’t have the scope of the V11. It just endured around 33 minutes with the fissure device and a shade under 28 minutes with the cleaning head.

If you need to utilize the V7 for profound cleaning rug, you’d need to utilize the maximum setting, which chops down the run opportunity to 7 minutes.

Cordless vacuums like the V7 and V11 have a similar usefulness. Every one depends on different tradable instruments empowering it to clean various territories of your home.

The V11 has more choices in this viewpoint, with five extra cleaning devices for cleaning zones like couches, vents, seats, and more.

You won’t get the same number of devices with the V7 MotorHead as it just accompanies the cleft and mix tools.

If you need more connections, decide on the more costly V7 Outright accessible on the Dyson website.

Realize the essential capacity of these stick vacuums is to clean floors. For individuals who need something to serve as a handheld, the V7 will be the better choice since it’s lighter and smaller.

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Next, we should move to the consequences of the cleaning tests. To begin with, the results.

Looking at the general scores, the V11’s are higher, however there’s a proviso. The absence of a delicate roller connection hampers the capacity of the V7 to clean medium to huge flotsam and jetsam on hard surfaces.

It battles with cleaning enormous amounts of Quaker oats, and huge stuff like Cheerios or Organic product circles won’t get past the low freedom of the nozzle.

But clearing other test garbage like espresso, quinoa, pet litter, and sand was not a problem.

One advantage the V11 has is the two customizable doors so huge trash will fit.

Combined with the high wind stream, it’s conceivable to utilize the Force Drive head on hard floors.

The absence of a pad builds the danger of scratching hardwood floors.

On cover, the V7 improves getting surface garbage than the V11, which is an astonishment to me.

Based on the outcomes, the V11 is better for cleaning hard surfaces because of the two flexible gates.

You can unmistakably find in the clasp over, the V11 had a cleaner go as it had prevalent pull and the entryways. The V7 Motorhead had the option to clean the majority of the trash, yet it left some debris.

It battles with a lot of things like quaker oats.

The V11 won’t have this issue as it has more freedom. You can utilize it on hard floors and it will get dirt.

Regardless, neither of these devices are ideal for hard floors, especially the Force Drive that vibrates more than the V7 nozzle.

If you’re anticipating utilizing any of these two on hard floors, I’d suggest getting the Fleecy rendition or the device itself.

Cleaning sand on hard floors won’t be an issue for the Dyson V7 and V11.

Only a 0.2% distinction. Regardless of whether the V7 scores lower, I actually give the preferred position to it since it got a large portion of it in the forward pass.

The V7 uses a felt material behind the principle brush that gives it a superior seal than the V11 in spite of having less airflow.

In contrast, the V11 didn’t get everything in the forward pass. It left a path of sand yet was gotten in resulting passes.

Cleaning edges are likewise close with a slight edge to the V11 as it gets more in less passes. The V7 likewise got the majority of the pet litter, however it took longer.

Here’s a when shot of the V7 in the edge cleaning test.

Now, we should see how well the V7 and V11 clean carpets.

One of the astonishments for me in this examination is the way well the V7 gets surface trash on floor coverings – it’s better than the Dyson V8 and V11.

Again, the explanation is the felt material that channels earth toward the attractions chamber, which is missing in the V11.

The V11 mama

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