Eureka Stylus Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – 350W Powerful BLDC Motor for Multi-Flooring Deep Clean LED Headlights

Eureka Stylus Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Did I ever tell you about the Eureka Stylus, lightweight cordless stick vacuum? This is it. If I didn’t tell you, I’m going to today.

This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Now today’s question comes from my mother, and she’s had her shoulder replaced.

And so, when she goes to vacuum the floors, sometimes that takes a lot of energy for her and she’s looking for lightweight products that are easier to use. So super excited when I found this product and I think you will enjoy it as well. I call it the hypnotic vacuum.

And I say that because you will get hypnotized by using it.



And once you start using it, you will not be able to stop. You will want to vacuum everything in sight because it’s so fun. I know. Super cool.


So, this is it.

It’s a very small vacuum, it’s six and a half pounds. And this is the handheld piece, although it does have an extender piece that goes on it. And then of course there is a vacuum head so that you can vacuum the floor part of your floor.

The thing that’s super cool about it though, is it’s cordless. So instead of bringing out the vacuum and undoing the cord, and then trying to watch the cord, as you go around the entire house, this is the cord.

This is it. This is the cord. It plugs in and it charges, once it’s charged, you can go anywhere you want to in the house, right?

So, this has just a small piece attached to the top, and this is a brush. And with this brush attachment, you can use one hand and you can go in all the corners of the stairs in your home. It’s also great for turning it over and going underneath the lip of the stairs, where cobwebs seem to hide.

It’s really great with the extender pole to go around the corners of table legs and chairs and coat racks, and around let’s say pillars or vases or things that are in your house that are hard to clean around where you can’t get a regular vacuum.


So, this is a really great tool for that.

You’ll also find yourself using this for areas that are not so safe. So let’s say that you’re a senior and you’re in your master bath and it has one of those great big garden tubs, and you want to get to the other side of the tub to clean the areas around it, but you’re afraid of falling in and you can’t climb up any longer on the ledge.

The Eureka Stylus Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for that.


With the extender pole, you can reach in all the hard to reach areas while you’re standing on the ground. It’s also great with the extended piece to go up and to get some cobwebs that are on a one story room, or to get the tops of six panel doors, or the tops of door frames, because with one hand, and you can always use your other hand to support it.



You can reach up high where normally you would not be able to reach.

It’s also really great with the extender pole, if you want to get the dust that’s on the top of the vanity lights in the bathroom, this will allow you to do that very carefully. And I do recommend if you’re using this near lights that you do hold it with a second hand, just for extra stability.

That way it’s not going to fall or knock and bang and break the lights. So, you just want to be very careful, but it will reach lots of fun areas that normally you can’t reach.

With this attachment and the brush, this is also a really great unit for cloth items. So, for cloth items, I say things like lampshades, where you can hold one edge of the lampshade and you can use this to vacuum all the dust that has collected on the top of the lampshade. It’s also great for areas like the top of a bed where you can’t really get back there and get all the dust that’s off the top.

This will just let you vacuum the top of that in one fell swoop. So another thing that this is really great for is if you have, let’s say cloth shower curtains, or tapestries, where dust has settled on them, and you can’t really take them down to wash them very frequently because they need to be dry cleaned or treated with special care.

When this is clean, you can just rinse it out in the sink. When this is clean, you can vacuum those tapestries and will vacuum all the dust off. So, this is kind of a multiunit with lots and lots of different uses.

One of the funnest uses for me is inside the car where you can just take the handheld part here and you can go around the seats and around the dashboard, the dash console inside the areas where the cup holders are or inside the console, you can put the crevice tool on and go around the seat where French fries and treats have dropped underneath the seat, you can get it out with his handheld vacuum.



One of the things that’s cool about the vacuum and I want you to be aware of is that with one click, it opens the canister and you can dump it out and empty it after every use.

Now, this canister is small. It holds about a court of stuff, but you will find that you will fill it up really quickly, because like I said, once you start using it, you don’t want to stop.

So, if you are the age of about 13 and above, this is not for children, small children, but if you’re like a teenager, I recommend your parents get you one and leave it in your room. That way you can clean your own room every single day. And it’s small enough that you can use it.

And it’s easy enough that anyone can use it. And then if you take care of it and it is your own vacuum, when you go off to college, it will still be a great vacuum that you can use then to clean your dorm. So, this can be a vacuum that follows you through the rest of your teenage years. I know it’s super exciting.

I don’t mean to get excited about it, but I am.

If you are a homeowner and you have a really big house, this is probably the vacuum you’re going to want but you’re going to want two of them. And you’re going to want one in the kitchen and one in the master bath. And the reason I say that is because in the kitchen between every meal, there are crumbs and little bits of things that have dropped on the floor.



And so, this gives you the chance to vacuum the entire area, or just vacuum little bits of it with just the handheld part. Now, I didn’t share this with you yet, but I would like to.

The top of the Eureka Stylus Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner itself, which is the part that goes along the floor has headlights on it. And so this is really cool because if the lighting is not great or if it’s like near the evening and it’s starting to get dark, the lights will shine and it shows all the crumbs and all the things that have dropped so that you can get a better clean.

So that’s really cool. There is a button here which connects the top from the stick. And so the thing that’s cool about this is while you’re using the vacuum, you can just put your foot on this one pedal and it disconnects the stick from the unit itself, which allows you then while you’re still vacuuming.

And you have the handheld piece in your hand without ever bending over to go along underneath the cupboards, to go in the corners of the room and all the hard to reach areas.

And then you come back, and you find the head of the vacuum, again, without ever bending over you reconnect it, and because it just snaps in. Now you can keep vacuuming your floor without ever bending over. I know my mother’s going to love this, right?



Like I say, it’s lightweight. It’s easy to use. The Eureka company has been around for 111 years. They know exactly what they’re doing, and they have the Eureka promise, which is, this is the best vacuum for its price for what it does in its class.

Eureka Stylus Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a really fun vacuum.

And I recommend that you take a look at it if you haven’t. I know lots of people ask me on a regular basis, what do you use? And if you have a condo or an apartment, or if you have just like a small place that has one or two bedrooms, this is a perfect vacuum for you.

If you have a bigger home, you’re going to want two of them, one upstairs and one downstairs, one in the master bath and one in the kitchen.

All right? I hope this helps a little bit. If we’ve earned your subscription, please subscribe. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it..

Eureka Stylus Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner



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