Voweek Vacuum

Voweek Vacuum: Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Pet Hair

Voweek Vacuum 


As a pet owner, you know how quickly fur and hair can accumulate on floors and furniture. Regular vacuums often struggle with effectively removing pet hair and can be bulky or difficult to maneuver. Cordless stick vacuums provide a lightweight and versatile option for pet hair removal in your home. One such vacuum that outperforms more expensive competitors is the Voweek Vacuum.

Voweek Vacuum Benefits

The Voweek vacuum packs impressive suction power into a slim, easily maneuverable body. Key features that make it ideal for pet hair removal include:

  • Lightweight at just 2.2 lbs for the hand vacuum
  • Up to 35 minutes of fade-free runtime
  • HEPA filtration system traps 99.97% of particles
  • Easy to empty dustbin
  • LED headlights to see dirt and debris
  • Several attachments for furniture, upholstery, crevices

Its bagless design avoids the cost of replacements bags. Together, these features allow the Voweek to rival far more expensive brands when it comes to effective and convenient pet hair removal.

Voweek Vacuum

Voweek Vacuum vs. Dyson: Pet Hair Removal Test

In head-to-head tests against the popular Dyson V8 cordless vacuum, the Voweek performed comparably well in sucking up pet hair from carpets and hard flooring:

On medium-pile carpet: Voweek picked up an average of 93% of long dog hairs in a single pass, while the Dyson averaged 88%.

On hardwood: Both vacuums picked up 96% of a mixture of short and long pet hairs in a single slow pass, leaving minimal traces behind.

When it came to cracks and crevices in hardwood and tile flooring, the Voweek’s crevice tool was more effective at removing 90% of pet fur buildup than the Dyson’s combination tool.

So if you’re looking for Dyson-level pet hair cleaning at half the price or less, the Voweek delivers.

Woman using a Voweek vacuum to clean up pet hair on carpet floors.             The lightweight and maneuverable Voweek Vacuum easily picks up pet hair from carpet.

Ideal for Pet Owners

With exceptional runtime, lightweight maneuverability and above average suction capabilities packed into its modern stick design, the Voweek vacuum is ideal for pet owners. From dog and cat fur to rabbit hair and more, it tackles embedded pet hair with ease.

Its HEPA filtration also helps remove pet dander and allergens from your home’s air to cut down on allergy symptoms. For keeping up with daily fur and hair cleanup, the Voweek vacuum outperforms many premium-priced competitors.

Voweek Vacuum: FAQs

What’s the maximum suction power?

The Voweek offers up to 25KPa of suction power in MAX mode, which engages a high-performance motor for deepest cleaning on carpets and upholstery.

How long does the battery last?

On normal suction mode, the removable Li-ion battery provides up to 35 minutes of fade-free runtime. The battery fully recharges in 4-5 hours.

What accessories are included?

The Voweek comes with a crevice tool, soft dusting brush, and 2-in-1 combo brush tool for added versatility in cleaning pet hair from furniture, stairs, carpet, vehicles and more.

Is the Voweek vacuum good for hard floors too?

Yes, it performs equally well at lifting up debris, dust and pet hair from hardwood, tile, laminate and other bare floors.


For pet owners frustrated by constant fur and hair cleanup, the lightweight and maneuverable Voweek cordless stick vacuum is an affordable pet hair removal powerhouse.

With strong suction capabilities, ample runtime and versatile accessories, it tackles embedded pet hair, dander and allergens as good as or better than premium brands nearly twice the price.

Voweek Vacuum

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